Arquebus War Museum

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Latitude: 59.423688052
Longitude: 5.3840732574
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The Arquebus war museum is situated nine kilometres east of Haugesund, at Førresfjorden. If you drive E134, you will find the museum adequately signposted and located close to the road.

Gardsvikveien 20
5563 Førresfjorden

Phone52 77 01 00


Arquebus War History Museum is one of Norway's largest museums exhibiting artifacts from the Resistance during WWii. Covering more than 2000 m2, the museum takes the visitor through the dramatic history of the occupation on April 9th 1940, through to liberation in 1945. Experience everyday life, the contribution of the merchant marine navy, the home front, weapon drops, and secret radio transmissions. The museum features 125 mannequins dressed in full wartime regalia, fully equipped coastal defense, and the German defeat in Berlin.

On visiting the museum you will be acquainted with parts of our most important WW2 (1940 – 1945) history. Arquebus war museum is one of Norway’s largest war museums. It covers an area of more than 2000 square metres. The Norwegian history of five years of occupation comes dramatically alive through a number of exhibitions.

These exhibitions cover important elements of our war history: The 1940-battles, the merchant trade in war, daily life, air strikes, the German coastal artillery, and finally, the liberation. Some of the exhibitions reproduce events with soldiers, tanks, and other vehicles.

A special exhibition, ‘Der Untergang’ , shows the Allies’ victory in Europe, and the German defeat in Berlin in 1945.

The museum shop sells military effects, books, clothes, and souvenirs. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, ice etc. are available in the kiosk.




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- TicketsChildren under 16 years50.00
- TicketsAdults (from 16 years)75.00
- TicketsSenior citizens50.00
- Free of chargeChildren under 7 years 
- TicketsGroups1000.00Pluss kr 20,- per person
01/05/2016 - 31/08/2016Monday - Sunday11:00-17:00



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