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Aakrafjorden Fjord and Langfoss Waterfall

Aakrafjorden…    Where Langfoss – one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls – cascades down the mountain side, whilst Folgefonna Glacier National Park stretches down to the fjord.  Central - with E-134 on one side of the fjord - and remote; - with  roadless farms on the other.  Along the 25 beautiful kilometers you will find an impressive variety of adventure trips and activities, local foods and shopping, walks and climbs, flocks of goats and fishing places, stories and overnight accommodation. Local guides and friendly hosts are warmly waiting just for you.
Welcome to Aakrafjorden Landscape Park – a fabulous experience!



Åkrafjorden Oppleving AS | Teigland, 5590 Etne | | + 47 95909664  | Orgnr. 891375832