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Haugesund region - The Homeland of The Viking Kings
Haugesund International Jazz Festival

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Visit Haugesund and you will experience the best of what Norway has to offer. Fjord, waterfall, coast- and city culture, the unique viking history, glacier, mountains and sea, idyllic islands and lighthouses is among what you will find in this region.

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What's on?
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Annual festival were people of all ages can experience a wide specter of cultural offers within literature, music, dance, movies, lectures, theater and art on 20 of the cities cultural arenas. Do you like rock, poetry, theater or maybe art? On...

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St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre of Tchaikovsky present "Romeo and Juliet" accompanied by Tchaikovsky´s beautiful music.

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SILK Skudeneshavn Internasjonale Litteratur- og Kulturfestival

SILK - Norway’s greatest small town literature festival. Has as its’ main objective to spread knowledge about literature and other arts. From a start  in 2010 with 700 participants it has grown to more than 4 000 participants in 2013 and with more than...



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